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We want you to experience the full benefits of practicing yoga and achieve a comfortable range of motion. Because of its many benefits, the majority of our classes are taught in a warm studio. Did you know that our muscles gain more elasticity and our circulation improves when we are exposed to warmer environments? Gentle heat enhances your focus allowing for a greater inward connection while entering a meditative state with ease.   


In our vinyasa yoga class, we allow our breath to guide our movements. Through a dynamic pulse of music in the background, our students connect their breath with each pose, gaining their own personal rhythm. With each practice, you will create harmony- connecting deeper into your true self, aligning mind, body, and spirit.


  • New Client - 2 Week Unlimited$45

  • New Client - 1 Month Unlimited$85

  • Drop-in Class$20

  • Student Drop-in (with ID)$15

  • 5 Class Pack (2 month expiration)$80

  • 10 Class Pack (3 month expiration)$150

  • One Month Unlimited$145

  • Yoga Path Monthly Unlimited Membership

  • (12 month commitment)$110/month

  • Student Monthly Unlimited Membership

  • (12 month commitment)$95/month

  • One Year Unlimited$1150

  • Private Lessons (read more below)$120


  • Drop-in Class$22

  • New Client – 1 Month Unlimited$100

  • One Week Pass$85

  • 10 Class Package (3 month expiration)$170

  • One Month Unlimited$180

  • Mysore Monthly Unlimited Membership$160/month

  • One Year Unlimited$1,500

  • Private Lessons (read more below) starting at:$120



Espresso Flow - No need for your morning shot of coffee, just slip out of bed and onto your mat!  From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, your body will become awake and filled with life. This class will leave you energized, focused, and ready to take on your day with clarity.

Vinyasa Flow - A series of asanas (poses) that are grouped together to create a moving meditation with special attention given to alignment and breath awareness. Vinyasa calms the mind, cleanses the body, and opens the heart!

Hot 26 - Hot 26 is a hatha yoga practice derived from the teachings of Bishnu Ghosh and Paramahansa Yogananda. This class consists of a fixed sequence of 26 asanas, excellent for all levels of practitioners. Everyone practices the same posture at different levels of ability, receiving the same benefits.

Core Flow - Play stronger! This class is similar to a Vinyasa Power class, but with an added focus on the core- integrating breath work and awareness. It gives the opportunity to play and explore challenging twists, bends, folds, balances, and inversions.

Power Hour - Fast, high-energy, power yoga class will help you tone and burn away unwanted calories!  For those that have little time but are seeking a complete body workout, this class is for you!

Hot Power Detox Flow - End your weekend right with our cleansing and energizing flow! Along with the benefits of warm vinyasa, the poses in this class are sequenced to optimize the metabolism and promote detoxification of internal organs. This twisty practice gets deep into the inner body, so come to class on an empty stomach! With poses that will heat and create space in the body, aiding in digestion and mental clarity, you'll come out of class ready to take on the week ahead! Pro-tip: bring lemon water to maximize the benefits of this class-- it's high in Vitamin C and helps the liver detox! 




Back to Basics -  In this class, we'll explore the fundamentals of Vinyasa Yoga, moving at a slower pace than usual to increase breath awareness, strength, flexibility, and stamina. All levels welcome, but especially beneficial for beginner and intermediate practitioners.

Yin Yoga -  Yin is a great compliment to your vinyasa practice! Holding poses for 2-4 minutes at a time allows you to open and go deeper into your practice. It calms your mind while focusing on breath and relaxing your body. Yin improves organ health, immunity, and emotional well-being and is considered a gentler yoga which makes it great for everyone!

Prenatal Yoga - Expectant mothers in any stage of pregnancy can enjoy the benefits of this active, safe, and supportive prenatal yoga class! A regular asana practice will enhance all stages of your pregnancy. 

Gentle Yoga - In this healing class, we use therapeutic props including chairs, straps, blocks, balls, and bolsters to open up and create space in the body. Poses are not held for quite as long as they are in a yin or a restorative class, though we take our time in each one. Gentle, weight-bearing exercises are included to help increase bone density, preventing and counteracting osteoporosis. Whether you are new to yoga, nursing an injury, or think you "can't" do yoga, we've designed this class to make yoga accessible to everyone— all are welcome!



Ashtanga is a dynamic, purposeful asana practice that uses posture, breath, and focus to direct the practitioner inward towards greater self-awareness. Mysore Method Ashtanga Yoga is a self-practice approach in which students move through Ashtanga's set sequence of postures in their own time, according to the degree to which they have integrated the information of the practice. The instructor guides each student individually based on their progress.


Beginner's Monday On this day, students who have never done the Mysore method may drop in to give it a try. This is only allowed one time per student. After the introductory class, a commitment is required to continue with practice. If you are interested in continuing an Ashtanga practice beyond your introductory class, we require that you practice a minimum of three times per week for at least a month.



Yoga in the Park -  Donation-only Vinyasa class, pay what you can! Yoga in the Park. Come play under the banyan trees at the park across the street from the studio. A portion of the proceeds will go to a non-profit organization. Find out more on our Yoga in the Park page.

Garden Yoga - Let your yoga practice blossom! Draw inspiration (and oxygen) from the plants in our lovely garden as we take this flow outside to our deck studio. Garden Yoga contains everything you love about power vinyasa classes at Yoga Path. The only difference is the added benefit of practicing in the great outdoors. Get your Vitamin D on and join us for this breath of fresh air! 

Level 1 – Introductory
Level 2 – Intermediate
Level 3 - Advanced




Join us under the banyan trees for a community vinyasa class! Each month, we donate the majority of the proceeds from this class to a different, local, non-profit organization. Please check below for more information about the charity that is currently benefiting from this event. Classes are held each Sunday at 9:30 AM at Phipps Park in West Palm Beach. Classes are open to anyone and everyone. Please bring your mat, towel, and water. Fees are donation-only and greatly appreciated!

RSVP on our Yoga in the Park Meetup on!


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