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As a retired physician and skier, I have benefitted enormously from yoga with increased flexibility and strength. Amazingly, my chronic low back pain has melted away. An added plus for me has been Nancy Gage’s incisive explanations of muscle function. The dry anatomy classes at Harvard Medical School have come to life.

-Ron Goldenson, MD

"I absolutely love Yoga Path. Driving home after class feels like I am floating down Dixie highway on my magic carpet. Thanks Nancy you're awesome."

"I was lucky enough to find Yoga Path while visiting my family from Los Angeles. The studio itself was absolutely beautiful, and everyone there was incredibly warm and generous. And even though I'm back home in L.A. with my Cali yoga family, I miss Yoga Path and look forward to my next visit. It's my Florida yoga home for sure. Namaste!"

"I am a three-day-a-week vinyasa flow regular from out of town and joined a class lead by Irina. This was one of the most fulfilling classes I have experienced in a long time and I look forward to returning the next time I visit!"

"This studio is heads above the rest! As a beginner, I have tried and tried to enjoy yoga and couldn't until I found Nancy Gage and her patient, helpful, and engaging staff. Now... I actually have some balance, flexibility, and strength and looking forward to gaining much more. In addition, the studio and garden area make for a fabulous environment. Thanks for guiding me to a healthier and more peaceful lifestyle."

"Yoga Path is my home away from home. The instructors are as professional as it gets. I will continue my yoga practice at Yoga Path as part of my health care regimen. Thank you Nancy for creating such a beautiful environment for the community. Namaste!"

"Yoga path is a little piece of heaven for the body and the soul. The studios and the garden are beautiful, clean and inviting. Nancy and the other instructors offer a multitude of classes sure to fit any need or level."

"Nancy has created a fantastic warm environment for yoga. All the classes are different as her teachers are diverse. I was able to get a different workout with each teacher. Trina is so incredible and so zen that I will miss her classes so much; Nancy is consistent and a great teacher; Angi is soooo fantastic and has taught me a great deal; Leandra is a great teacher; Irina's saturday morning class is so much fun and so incredible; my practise improved so much thanks to all their great instruction! I am sad I am leaving FL."

"Since stepping through the doors I have a new outlook on life! The studio and teachers are so welcoming and they leave out no detail! From the clean wonderful smelling studio to the comfortable stylish yoga clothes everything is amazing!! It's such a positive place to be! The best instructors I've ever worked with. I can't go more than a few days without them. Keep up the great work!!"

"Awesome studio made even better by amazing teachers. If you're new to Yoga or just need a refresher, don't miss the Back to Basics class with Nancy. She helped me correct a few poses that have made my practice even stronger."

"Beautiful studio and wonderful classes!"

"The best part of my day is walking into the studio; immediate feeling of peace and calm. Amazing teachers, beautiful gardens, filled with light and love. Thank you Nancy for bringing a yoga studio which offers so much more."

"I started taking classes at Yoga Path Palm Beach two months before my annual ski trip to Colorado. I practiced three to four times a week and all of the instructors were extremely helpful and informative. I went on my trip and was able to ski ten days in a row! I used various stretching techniques while I was there and came home feeling fantastic. I enjoy the classes so much I will continue practicing throughout the year."

"So grateful to have discovered Yoga Path! I've been attending classes regularly for a month and I thrilled with the quality of instruction! I am a calmer person as soon as I cross the threshold to the studio!"

"My sister and I found Yoga Path Palm Beach while we were in town visiting. Nancy was so welcoming and even took time during the class to show us how to go into new, more difficult poses. I wish I lived in Florida so I could go to this studio all the time! I will definitely be back next time I visit."

"Yoga Path Palm Beach has been a wonderful experience! All of the instructors are truly aspirational and helpful. I have seen significant improvement in my overall health and fitness since starting at Yoga Path and have nothing but the highest regard for the entire team! Thank you!

"Yoga Path Palm Beach is truly a sanctuary of peace, strength, and growth in West Palm Beach. I am so blessed to have found a place with such educated instructors who truly help you achieve your goals and aspirations."

"I was able to take a tour and meet most of the staff, just before the grand opening, and I was very impressed. Nancy thought of everything! They put a lot of effort into creating a genuine, positive atmosphere and not just a place to go and practice yoga."

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