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We want you to experience the full benefits of practicing yoga and achieve a comfortable range of motion. Because of its many benefits, the majority of our classes are taught in a warm studio. Did you know that our muscles gain more elasticity and our circulation improves when we are exposed to warmer environments? Gentle heat enhances your focus allowing for a greater inward connection while entering a meditative state with ease.   


In our vinyasa yoga class, we allow our breath to guide our movements. Through a dynamic pulse of music in the background, our students connect their breath with each pose, gaining their own personal rhythm. With each practice, you will create harmony- connecting deeper into your true self, aligning mind, body, and spirit.

To keep our community safe, all students need a Reservation before coming to class – walk-ins aren’t allowed at this time. Everyone can book up to 7 days out on the Schedule.


New Client 30 days: $75

Drop in: $25

5 Class: $90 (2 month expiration)

10 Class: $170 (3 month expiration)

Month Unlimited: $160


Yoga Path Membership:

           (auto pay)

     Unlimited In-Studio 

        3 Month Membership:  $130


        12 Month Membership: $115*

                   *$150 cancellation fee




Virtual Only:

$10 Drop in

$50 unlimited per month


  • To open up space for your fellow yogis, we require that you cancel 1 hour or more before class starts, no exceptions. A $15 late cancel / no show fee will be charged to your credit card on file. 

  • Reservations made within 1 hours of the scheduled start of class cannot be cancelled without incurring a late cancel/no show fee. 



Espresso Flow - No need for your morning shot of coffee, just slip out of bed and onto your mat!  From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, your body will become awake and filled with life. This class will leave you energized, focused, and ready to take on your day with clarity.

Vinyasa Flow - A series of asanas (poses) that are grouped together to create a moving meditation with special attention given to alignment and breath awareness. Vinyasa calms the mind, cleanses the body, and opens the heart!

Core Flow - Play stronger! This class is similar to a Vinyasa Power class, but with an added focus on the core- integrating breath work and awareness. It gives the opportunity to play and explore challenging twists, bends, folds, balances, and inversions.

Fundamental Flow - A 60 minute warm flow class, appropriate for the beginner practitioner or those with a regular practice that are seeking a meditative flow or reacquaintance with the foundations. The fundamental asanas, choreography of movement and stillness with breath, dristhi (gaze), bandhas (core awareness), and alignment principles are explored here, through careful sequencing. Restoration and yogic philosophy will often begin or close practice.

Yin Yoga -  Yin is a great compliment to your vinyasa practice! Holding poses for 2-4 minutes at a time allows you to open and go deeper into your practice. It calms your mind while focusing on breath and relaxing your body. Yin improves organ health, immunity, and emotional well-being and is considered a gentler yoga which makes it great for everyone!

Restorative Yoga-  This class is perfect for anyone recovering from injuries or illness. A deeply relaxing practice of supported poses, guided relaxation, yogic breathing, and an extended savasana (final resting pose). This meditative practice cultivates a necessary balance between body and mind while dissolving physical and mental tension. For any level student seeking to reduce the effects of stress.

Gentle Yoga -   Gentle Flow Yoga is geared specifically for those new to yoga or those who are interested in a gentle practice. This class incorporates simple flowing sequences to warm up the body, as well as slower paced movements focusing on alignment, strength, balance, and flexibility. ... No experience or flexibility required.

Hot 26 -   The 26 posture series is designed to warm the whole body, allowing students to work deeper into the muscles, tendons, joints, bones, glands, ligaments and organs while systematically moving fresh oxygenated blood to every part of the body. As a result you will build strength, flexibility, balance and an unparalleled feeling of mental and physical well-being and relaxation. Each posture builds upon the previous posture and prepares you for the next. Proper weight, muscle tone, vibrant good health, and a sense of well being will automatically follow. This powerful beginners class is designed for all levels, whether a first time student or an advanced practitioner. Performing the same sequence each class ensures you will receive a safe and consistent experience.



Join us under the banyan trees for a community vinyasa class! Each month, we donate the majority of the proceeds from this class to a different, local, non-profit organization. Please check below for more information about the charity that is currently benefiting from this event. Classes are held each Sunday at 9:30 AM at Phipps Park in West Palm Beach. Classes are open to anyone and everyone. Please bring your mat, towel, and water. Fees are donation-only and greatly appreciated!

RSVP on our Yoga in the Park Meetup on!

*All class packages are non-refundable, non-transferable, non-freezable.

*One year memberships are allowed 2 freezes on their membership, totaling no more than two weeks each time.


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